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Thinking about starting your own affiliate website? Wanting to make extra cash, a supplement to your income or create your own web career?

We have been asked by many people how to do this and we thought we would offer some insight here.

First decide if you or your family has any problems with adult content. An affiliate adult or porn website is not worth a fight or argument with anybody. It is certainly not worth the cost of a relationship or friendship. If you decide to move forward here are the very first steps in a long process…

If you have purchased your domain and you have a hosting company then skip down to “Affiliate Content” to find affiliates to sponsor.


Domains and Hosting

1. Choose a domain name for your website. This is much harder than it sounds because all of the common names have been purchased long ago.

hint: write the name down and see if it is confusing or if it spells something in the middle that you don’t want. Once you have a few ideas for domain names, click HERE and see if they are available.

2. Once you purchased a domain name then you will need hosting. Not all hosting companies are equal! Through much trial and error I have discovered a hosting company that I love and highly recommend. They have no problem with legal adult content (many do) and they are never down or offline. You will only need the smallest account for now. Click HERE to open an account.

3. After you have opened your account with the hosting company, then you will need to direct your domain name to their servers. This is fairly easy to do if you simply follow the instructions in the email you receive from the hosting company. You will go to the domain seller’s sight and open your domain management page, this is where you will direct the domain to your hosting company servers.

You now have your first website hosted through your hosting company. You are well on your way to being a webmaster. There are literally thousands of ways to design and run websites, but why re-invent the wheel? Use a website template that has been tried and tested. WordPress. In your C-panel (control-panel) provided by the hosting company You will see many options offered, one will install WordPress for you, just follow the instructions. Now that you have word press installed on the hosting server then you should be able to type your URL ( into any online browser and see your WordPress page.


The way it works:

Millions of people surf the web everyday for things that interest them. Your goal is to get these surfing people to find your website. You hope to offer photos, videos, articles and stories that will attract them. Once they have discovered your website then you hope to send them to pay sites or subscription based sites that will pay you a percentage if the surfer buys something or subscribes to their site. This is how an affiliate based website makes money! I don’t want you to misunderstand, it takes thousands of visits and you must send thousands of surfers to the pay sites for each sale. Don’t get discouraged, do your homework and you will have a nice supplemental income in no time!

The pay websites want you to succeed. They want you to send them tons of traffic so that both of you can make money. Pay websites will offer limited content for you to use in attracting surfers to your site and then on to theirs. They all have TOS agreements that you must agree to, but remember they are established businesses, they have seen all the scams and crooks. Use their free content and promote their sites.


Affiliate Content

Here is a list of some of the pay websites that we recommend. We have made money with each of them. You must have an operational website before they will open an affiliate account with you.

Digital Desire

FTV Girls



Pink Velvet Vault

Ron Harris





Treasure Bucks

Sterling Cash

Black Scapolite


Melons Cash

POV Cash

Naughty for Cash

Bella Cash

I Amateurs

 TAC Amateurs



Good Luck!